The Caucasian War

The Caucasian War of 1817–1864, known as the Russian conquest of the Caucasus which ended with the annexation of the areas of the North Caucasus to Russia.

The American Civil War

The American Civil War (1861–1865). 11 slave states formed the Confederacy"; the other 25 states supported the federal government ("the Union").

The First Crusade

The First Crusade (1096–1099) was a military expedition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain the Holy Lands taken in the Muslim conquests of the Levant (632–661)


a mini-sets for a table on which begin the wargame - the trenches, fences, houses, and other terrain elements that you may encounter on this battlefield.

World War II

The global war that was under way by 1939 and ended in 1945.

English Civil War

The English Civil War (1642–1651) was a series of armed conflicts and political machinations between Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Royalists (Cavaliers).


Soviet tankman (WW II - 1)

Subject: World War II

Size: 15


The set comprises 12 figures of toy soldiers in 4 positions: three Soviet tankmen with a revolver "Nagan", the tankmen who gets a revolver,the tankmen with the PPSh machine gun and wounded tankmen.
Soviet Marines

Subject: World War II

Size: 15


Set includes 12 figures.